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Why can't I find stick-on tap-to-turn-on button lights that work?

They're fist-size or about 6 inches across. White or cutesy bright colors. You push the cover in and let go to turn them on/off. Battery powered. Easy to replace the batteries (a screw off cover?). Looks like buttons.

I can't seem to find these or what I find has very low ratings and reviews. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can give me recommendations? I want to use them for the inside of closets, lockers, etc., so any sizes you have would be great.
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I think they are commonly called tap lights. We have some of these in various closets, they would work great if we could consistently remember to turn them off.
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I've seen these at Bed Bath and Beyond - which seems to be the place to get home-improvement products that install using adhesive rather than tools. Eg these tap lights.
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I found some LED ones at Home Depot. We've had them for months, and they still work great. They have a variety, so if you don't like LED, you could probably find another.
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Try your local dollar store. This is quintessential dollar store stuff.
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...and keep the receipt in case that one specific unit does not work - so you can get another one. I bought the two tap-lights that I have, at a dollar store in downtown Vancouver. Both work well.
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My mom likes her Instabulbs, and uses them for camping and lighting for closets. I have some of the more puck-like ones that I got at Costco years ago to use as emergency lighting, and minus the fact that they won't stick to the bathroom wall (it gets too humid in there), they work just fine.
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By this point I think that none of these products work very well...
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You might try these. They're a little smaller than what you describe, but probably just as bright.
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I'm with Harald74: none of these look like they're really worth the money. However, in case anyone is interested, by following a series of links and reading alternate recommendations in the Amazon reviews I found this which looks like it works steadily, will hold onto the metal objects I need it to, and is probably worth buying Command strips for when it can't on it's own. I'll follow up in a month or so after ordering and testing.

Thanks anyway everyone and I appreciate your efforts.
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