Why is PHOTO B showing up instead of PHOTO A?
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How/why is my Facebook profile pic turning up on emails I send from my Gmail account to Hotmail/Outlook?

I have a gmail account, the email address that's associated with my Facebook account. My gmail account has PHOTO A assigned to it. My Facebook account has PHOTO B as a profile pic.

Now, for some reason, when my mother (who has a Hotmail/Outlook account) receives email from my gmail account, instead of the photo/icon attached being PHOTO A, she sees PHOTO B.

I'd rather people receiving my emails only get PHOTO A - and not whatever profile pic I've randomly assigned to Facebook that week. What settings do I need to change? At what end - Gmail or Facebook?
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This is possibly something at your Mother's end -- she has a photo assigned to you in her contacts, and either it happens to be your Facebook photo or she has your email and facebook linked on her end -- have you tried sending emails to other email addresses as test cases to see if this is just something for your mother, or if it's really a universal issue?
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Response by poster: She wouldn't have had photo B to assign to me at her end - and she mentioned the photo change around the same time I changed by Facebook profile pic.
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I believe you can also link Facebook and Hotmail contacts through Hotmail (at least you used to be able to), so it's possible that she's done that also.

But yeah, you should definitely check with at least a few other people (or a few other dummy accounts) that you've emailed before you can troubleshoot this.
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Maybe change you facebook profile pic to text stating test and try it again?
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Response by poster: Hi, my mother is pretty technically inept - she doesn't have a smart phone or Facebook.

I've just sent a test Gmail to my old Hotmail account and the Facebook photo turns up there, but to another Gmail account and the Gmail assigned photo is attached.
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Response by poster: I've changed my Facebook pic, sent a Gmail to my Hotmail - and the old Facebook pic is still associated with it. I suspect this while change soon, though.
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Best answer: What kind of phone do you have? It may be syncing the two accounts behind the scenes without you noticing.
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Response by poster: I've got a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Hmmm, maybe that's it!
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Best answer: I think the issue is caused by your phone. I have a similar issue with Gmail on my Android phone. Android syncs all of my contacts' social media accounts - they're all bundled up - and it does the same with me. So when I *sen* an email from Gmail the from field is actually the email account I have associated with FB, rather than my actual Gmail address, and as I recall my FB photo (which is different than my Gmail photo) is pulled through too. Luckily my real email address shows up in recipients' inboxes.
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Response by poster: Thank you, KokuRyu and thewumpusisdead. I guess that has to be it. I still can't figure out how to untangle this, but at least I understand why it's happening now.
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