Why is IncrediMail duplicating all my messages?
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My email is spazzing out! I use IncrediMail at home to get my Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail messages. Every few weeks, (more often recently) every email in all three accounts will download AGAIN into IncrediMail.

Unless I've deleted the original message in Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, that is. If I leave any messages in my Inboxes, IncrediMail will go get them again. The first time it happened, I got 927 emails going back almost a year.

I know. Hotmail and Yahoo are lame. I got lucky with my email addresses, and don't want to give them up, so I'm sticking with the free email services for that reason only.

What could be causing IncrediMail to think that any message left in my Inboxes are new, and then download them? I don't leave anything unread in any of the free mailboxes, either. I've checked all the settings in IncrediMail, looked through their Help FAQs... nothing jumps out as a solution. The best I can do to make my life easier is to file all my messages that I want to save in individual folders. At least that way I know that anything filling up the IncrediMail Inbox is probably a duplicate. It's maddening!
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(disclaimer: I've never touched IncrediMail)

The easiest solution would be enabling the "Delete from server" setting.
You'd might want to try to decrease the frequency that you check your E-mail, e.g. not more than once every 10 minutes and see if it helps (caused by locking issues on simultaneous access).

If you'd switch to Thunderbird, you could use the Remove Duplicate Messages extension.
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If you do go the Thunderbird route, you'll also need something like FreePOPs to connect Thunderbird to your Yahoo and Hotmail accounts (Gmail offers free POP3 access and Thunderbird can get at it natively).
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