Help me ID a mystery song?
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Please help me identify this mystery song heard at Anthropologie -- lyrics are something like "keep you in my heart" with a bit of trip-hop.

All I know is that it was an slightly ethereal singer, and the chorus had something like "keep you in my heart" that ended with a slightly crunchy audio-effect afterwards.

It's a long shot, but perhaps MeFi can help?
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Maybe the song "Keep You" by Class Actress?
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Holy wow, yogurtisgenocide. Thank you so much! You hit it out of the park immediately. MY $5 REAPS ITS REWARDS!
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For future reference, you might want to download an app called Shazam (available on both iPhone and Android) and have your phone ready to pull out of your pocket/purse when you're shopping. The app listens to the music and identifies the artist and song title -- even tougher to find instrumentals. I've found many awesome tracks this way while I'm out and about.
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