Looking for Australian chocolate covered licorice
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Where can I find black chocolate covered red licorice? It's big in Australia, but I'm in the US!

I found this place where they are out of stock for ever, and I've checked Etsy, but all the sellers use Twizzlers, which are awful. Are there any other places online, even if I import from Australia? Maybe there is a cute handmade store somewhere in the US that would have these? Maybe someone has a friend in Australia who has a bag they want to sell?

I really want to thank my amazingly supportive professor, who loves these but can't find them anywhere -- he deserves some!
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I have never heard of this, as an American who has lived and traveled all over the country. It's not a commonly found thing, anywhere.

If you can get your hands on some Red Vines (the other common red licorice in the US, has a very different taste/texture to Twizzlers), maybe dip in melted chocolate, et voila?
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I'm pretty sure I've seen Darrell Lea's chocolate covered licorice at Cost Plus World Market.
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No don't try Red Vines.
I was also going to suggest Darrell Lea's from Cost Plus World Market.
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Nuts.com is good for this sort of thing. Their Australian chocolate licorice (black licorice, though) is out of stock at the moment but today is the day they were supposed to be restocked so maybe check back soon? You could try asking about red.
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Response by poster: paperback version, I just got an email about them being restocked -- but it's black licorice in that chocolate, not red! :)
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You may have better luck searching for "dark chocolate covered red licorice." I've never heard it called black chocolate here.
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It's big in Australia? Really? Where can I buy it, as I don't think I've seen it around.
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I guess you're looking for something like this? The problem is that the page says "available in-store only". Probably because any choc-coated thing put in the mail in our summer would arrive in a sloppy puddle of melted chocolate.

Is this list of stores in the US which stock Darrell Lea products any help?

Be aware, though, Darrell Lea went through some corporate grief recently (receivership? hostile takeover? I can't remember) so I can't guarantee how current those pages are.
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Best answer: How about this? Dark Chocolate Dipped Australian Strawberry Licorice
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Darrel Lea in Australia sells red liquorice, not sure about chocolate coated. I know you can get chocolate coated in all varieties of white, milk and dark with red or black liquorice in almost any chocolatier in Australia. Ive also seen cheaper versions at Coles and Woolies.

The kookaburra brand in the link alynnk posted is seriously way better IMO than darrel lea liquorice.

FWIW, a seriously good combination is quality white chocolate coated red liquorice and more importantly, a chocolate fondue (with good quality chocolate) dipping with regular black or red soft liquorice (i.e. the darrel lea stuff)!
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According to the sites I found, Kookaburra discontinued their chocolate-covered liquorice product. Looks like alynnk's link is your best bet.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, alynnk!
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