Help me put a great big smile on my mother's face Christmas morning please!
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Could you help me find a necklace for my mother?

A year or so ago my mother (unusually) commented on a necklace worn by a television presenter (Bargain Hunt auctioneer Anita Manning). I've searched off and on ever since but having suddenly realised I need to start Christmas shopping, this would be the perfect gift.

Except I still can't find one. And it's now complicated by the fact that I've found images of her wearing two different necklaces - this with square glass tiles (the one I've been searching for), this with circular beads? tiles? I suspect that she would love either one so if you know of anywhere selling either necklace that would be able to ship to the UK before Christmas, that would be swell.

I've just contacted a few Etsy sellers with the details so would also be happy for recommendations for sellers you've used and been happy with.
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Here's one on Amazon. The beads are multi-colored. But it's still very pretty.

As is this one.
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I should have said that I'm in the UK but happy to order from elsewhere. Those two necklaces are lovely, thank you Ruthless Bunny, hoping to get something even closer to the originals.

Amazon UK are now stocking this necklace which will be great as a fallback but ideally someone out there will know of a closer match.
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You could email her auction house and ask if she can tell you where she got her necklaces.
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Heh, I tried that earlier in the year but alas, no reply.
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What about this?
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Ask this lady if she will make one for you:
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I meant to add that I don't know her and am not her. I just did an etsy search and it seems she makes necklaces in that style.
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After looking at michellenoel's suggestion I poked around on Etsy for a bit. THIS seller also has pieces with a similar esthetic.
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Thank you all for such great ideas - next week's askme will be "How do I decide between these lovely necklaces for my mother..."!
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Taking essexjan's advice, I emailed Ms Manning's auction house again last night and have just had a reply - the necklaces come from the Nancy Smillie collection.

If I had unlimited funds I'd be buying a selection from your links, as well as about 26 items from the Smillie collection.

Many thanks everyone.
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Follow up: Ordered the necklace from the Nancy Smillie shop, very fast delivery and a delighted mother. Will definitely be ordering more for birthdays, etc.

Thank you everyone!
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