Men's Hair Salon needed Palo Alto area
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Men's hair salon around Palo Alto or anywhere within 20 miles needed, for good haircut, grey cover-up, reasonable price, unpretentious. NOT interested in that hair place in the Stanford shopping center. Any recommendations much appreciated.
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There's an Aveda Institute in San Francisco. Haircut is $15, color a bit more.

Husbunny and I get our hairs cut there, we get an awesome cut and no bullshit.

Their products suck for my hair, but I like the salon and I LOVE the prices.
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I go to Retreat Salon in Los Altos - it's an Aveda salon with what I consider reasonable prices. I don't know if I've ever really seen a salon geared to men (sorry), but I've seen men here and I don't think a man getting a hair cut would be out of place. It's definitely not pretentious and has a minimum of fuss, but it's still relaxing and professional. I really like Linda, if you are looking for a specific stylist.
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I've been to both Midtown Hair Studio (on Middlefield) and Jazz for Hair (on Arastradero/Charleston) and they're both good- Midtown is cheaper- like 15 bucks for a haircut but just as good as others. Jazz for Hair is anywhere from like 30-60, but has the feel of a nicer salon. Can't speak to the coloring since I've never had that done.
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i go to erin gruman hair design (facebook doesn't want to play nice, i guess, but if you google erin gruman hair, she'll show up.) at rapunzel's in san carlos. it doesn't look like your conventional salon (in fact, it's a tiny bit twee), but she's great at what she does. i've followed her through 2 salons now. she cut a guy's hair before my appointment once, and it looked pretty good. she's also quite reasonably priced.
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i should add that i (female) generally get a trim and grey coverup.
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Thanks for all the quick suggestions. Think I'm goin' try erin gruman hair design. Appreciate your help very much :)
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Ok, just wanted to let everyone know I went to Erin Gruman Hair Design this evening, and got a great haircut. I strongly recommend her. Nice person and she did a great job. Her address is 1659 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA; 650.303.7158. She also has a Facebook Page.

Thanks for the referral, koroshiva :)
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no problem! i'm glad it worked out for you!
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