Intellectual/educational visits to foreign countries
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How to arrange intellectual/educational visits to foreign countries?

My father, a retired professor, likes to make his travels intellectually/educationally stimulating, especially related to learning about public policy, politics, social welfare, and education.

Due to the types of places he likes to go in a country and the types of people he likes to meet (see below), and due to the fact that he and my mother are getting along in years, it's best if their travels are arranged for them or they go on a group tour, especially if they are going to a country where language and culture are quite different from the US.

For example, my father would like to make a trip to China to see the changes since his last visit in 1986, but he hasn't been able to arrange or find any kind of tour that would allow him to visit universities and/or other academic institutions, government agencies, community organizations, NGOs, etc.

Are there any companies or other entities that arrange or organize this type of tour in various countries?
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Transitions Abroad

Elder Treks

Then there's Elder College. Classes offered all over the world to elders, offering housing in dorms in the vacations. Google it, different universities offer different programs all over the world.
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Perhaps you could look to his alma mater? Some universities arrange all-inclusive, intellectually-focused trips for older alums and donors. There's often a substantial group discount vs the market price, they're mostly led by current faculty, and a percentage of the cost is a donation to the university.

Here are some examples:
University of Toronto
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Elderhostel (now apparently called Road Scholar)
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