Airline logo and livery history?
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Is there a good source of airline livery/logo history anywhere on the internet?

For a project I'm doing I need lots of images of airline liveries (the paint jobs on the aircraft) and logos from around the world. Surprisingly, when I went to search for them online, I found very limited information and imagery.

For the internet, which seemingly has collections of everything, I can't seem to find any good archive of airline logos or liveries. Most of my searches have turned up enthusiasts forums making up their own liveries, or brief logo histories with horribly compressed and tiny images. I've tried checking individual airline websites to limited success, as well as wikipedia and logopedia. Is there any resource or archive out there that has collected these?
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you might be able to check the photo section of to see if there's anything there that might fit your needs. they might have some of the vintage stuff (i haven't made it that far back in the archives), although the majority of their collection is more recentish.
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Seconding There is no specific airline logo area, but their forums are quite active and would have people who may know some resources.

Another possible lead might be the Stewardess/Flight Attendant Uniform Collection site. The site has a whole slew of links that may lead to something. Not exactly what you need, but maybe a good starting point. Maybe you can write the site owner and ask for some pointers to sites that may have this data.
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Departed Flights has a nice collection of historic airline promotional materials and timetables.
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Another solution is a basic Google search for images.

Airline Logos

Airline Livery
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