Seeking Louise L. Hay practitioner / counsellor in UK
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Seeking Louise L. Hay style counsellor / practitioner in UK (preferably South East)

I am looking for a Louise L. Hay style, or similar, counsellor / practioner for a family member who is ill and would like someone to talk to. Please send advice on how to find one in the UK. I've not been successful googling. South East and Sussex would be best but anywhere in the UK would help as a start. Or even an international contact to begin with.

Thank you very much
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Is this listing for a counsellor in Maidstone any help?
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The London Centre for Positive Living or the Centre for Spiritual Living in Bournemouth should be able to help. What you are looking for is the New Thought / Religious Science movement.
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I wonder if Hay House itself might be able to offer some input were you to contact them via email.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the ideas. It turns out that they are listed here:
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