Dress Shirts for a Big Dude
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Where can I buy dress shirts for a portly man (myself) online?

I am looking to buy some dress shirts to go with a tailor-made suit that fits my rotund frame. I do not, however, want to shell out $145 (price my tailor quoted me) for a tailor-made shirt as well. I'm 5'8", with a 19" neck and 35" sleeve size. I wear a 52" waist but I am significantly rounder (58") at the, uh, widest part of my belly. I bought some shirts from my usual place for big men's clothing.

I typically buy 3XL shirts for my more casual wear (button collar); I got this in 3XL and it fits like a charm, albeit a big long in the sleeves.

However, I got this for a dress shirt with a 19" neck and 34/35" sleeves, and doesn't fit me very well at all. When I button it and sit down, the shirt stretches like crazy and "comes apart" all down the middle (imagine this but on a dude's belly).

Can anyone point me to a place where I can decent dress shirts (upper limit say $70 each) in white and blue on the internets? I could get it altered afterward, obviously. Thanks.
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I've had good luck with King Size Direct.
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Indochino has made-to-measure custom-fit shirts for as low as $79. Still a bit pricey, but they fit beautifully right out of the box, and their suits are great too.
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Response by poster: disillusioned: Thanks, I'll have to look at that.

I am still open to other suggestions, too!
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Best answer: I've gotten some odd things (like black broadcloth wing collar shirts) made for less than indociono by fitcustomshirts.com. You measure yourself and then their robots make it to order.

I think it's the future of clothing. They make whatever you want in two weeks!
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I've had good luck with ordering custom made shirts online from Modern Tailor. They have a $20 deal for new customers which is pretty dang hard to beat.
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TM Lewin sells shirts up to size 19" neck in button cuffs and up to 20" in double cuffs. They regularly have great sales (5 for $160 right now!). The quality is pretty good, I think. They only sell one sleeve length with the bigger shirts but will adjust that for $15/ea (or take it to your own tailor).

Lands End is another option.
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Response by poster: overhauser: Shirts ordered this morning (w/rush delivery, as I hopefully have some job interviews coming up)!
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