Safari Bookmark That Controls Scroll Position
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In Safari 6, I have a folder of bookmarks on the Bookmarks Bar that I visit each day by right-clicking and choosing "Open in Tabs". I'd like one of those bookmarks to open to a specific vertical scroll position on the page in question. Is that do-able?

I made an inept attempt at doing something via Javascript and found the scrolling to be inconsistent and that an empty, unnecessary tab was created.""); setTimeout(function() {w.scrollTo(0,1500)},10000);
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You can use location.href instead of so you won't get the extraneous tab. (Because you're selecting the menu item "Open in Tabs," you're already getting the fresh tab you need)

I don't know about the scrolling part, though.
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I don't suppose the target page has an anchor where you want to scroll to?
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