How do I buy South Korean TV/movie posters?
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How do I buy South Korean TV/movie posters? I am interested in procuring copies of the two posters at the top of this post. Cursory googling hasn't helped identify an obvious source.

In fact, I'm not even sure if these are actual posters, or are just available as wallpaper images. I live in Canada so would need to have them shipped here, or to a US address.
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I don't recall either of the two cities listed in your profile as having an Koreatown of note, but Toronto has a sizable one (I used to pass through it on my way to work every day). There were at least a couple of video stores on Bloor Street there which were always plastered with posters of Korean movie/TV stars and pop bands. I know pretty much zilch about South Korean pop culture, but maybe you have friends or family in TO who could go on a scouting mission for you?
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If you want to start looking online, GMarket is usually a good place to start for getting Korean things online. Good luck!
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