Father's groups in Philadelphia
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I'm looking for father's groups in Philadelphia. I have a pre-K child. I'm more interested in a hang-out-and-chat sort of group. University City or Center City would be great. Thanks!

I don't have any very specific needs, but I'd like to share experiences (especially with single fathers), in an informal setting. I'd like to avoid anything religious, or anything aimed at inculcating basic parenting skills, which is what googling seems to get me. Thanks again!
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As a single father this would be interesting to me too. In fact I wouldn't surprised if there were a fair number of new Philly fathers here on MetaFilter. If you're willing to ditch your anonymity perhaps you could suggest a meetup?

Also, is this something where you'd bring the child along, or is it more about having a safe place to talk about fatherhood?
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There are lots of general parents groups, but most are centered around some sort of child activity that serves as an excuse (art, gym, yoga, free play). There's a moms' group online that grew out of the Pennsy Hospital breastfeeding group, and there are periodic questions there about founding or finding a similar group for the dads, but no idea whether anything lasting has come together. Memail me if you want me to find out.
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