What are some good activity books and websites for fathers and sons?
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What are some good activity books and websites for fathers and sons?

My sons are 2 years old and three weeks old, so while the question is a little premature possibly, I'm looking to start stockpiling books and resources for fun activities for us to do together in the future. I started thinking about this when I saw that Geek Dad has a book coming out. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm thinking about, although it doesn't matter if it's geeky or whatever, sports, nature, I'm open to anything. Finding surprisingly little on Amazon (I might be using poor search terms) so I thought I'd ask here.
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Dangerous Book for Boys.

Also, get your hands on some of the cub scout books/manuals and go through the activities and challenges in those with them. Tiger scouts, Wolf, Bear, etc.
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American Boy's Handy Book.

There is also a Girl's version. Both have activities that would be of interest to either gender, although the Girl's book tends a bit more towards throwing parties and walking for health. But lots of super-interesting crafts.

Also super-interesting as a historical artifact.
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Fantastic Contraption. Physics fun for the whole family!
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This is probably pretty obvious but in terms of web sites, there are some great father/son threads right here in the green.
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Regardless of how you feel about the Boy Scouts, the Boy Scout Handbook is full of good camping/hiking/nature/woodcraft stuff.
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A recent Metafilter post links to a good science activity website. I love doing crazy science experiments with my kids.
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