Creepy talking houses that gave children chocolate cake
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Help me name this creepy, possibly educational video made in Australia in the late 90's - involves an empty talking house and runaway kids.

It may have been an educational video for schools or an episode from a TV show, but either way it creeped me out as a kid!

It involved a big empty house that had its walls covered in newspaper was found by a kid/a few kids that had run away from home for silly reasons. Turns out the house could talk, and would give the kids whatever they wanted while they were in it (I remember one scene where the fridge was filled with chocolate cakes that they pigged out on). From there my memory gets hazy but all the kids ended up going home when they realized that staying in this house wasn't fun anymore.

Just wanting to know if anyone else remembers it or may know what it was? I'm pretty sure it was an Australian made program.
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I don't know this, but the conceit sounds very Round The Twist-ish. If you look at the episode listings something might jog your memory.
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