Please Help Me Find Similar Songs
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I am looking for examples of songs that feature an acoustic guitar, a string counterpoint melody (like a violin or cello), and light percussion. An example would be Valentine by Willie Nelson. I need some inspiration for a song I am working on. The more expressive the string counterpoint, the better. Any suggestions?
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Crowded House, Into Temptation.
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Almost anything off of Nickel Creek's first album would qualify here, and I would specifically recommend Out of the Woods.

I love me some Nickel Creek
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Kristen Hersh - Your Ghost.
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Lots of Nick Drake's work fits. Day is Done is practically overflowing with expressive string conterpoint. For something more upbeat - Cello Song and Hazey Jane I, for epic and sweeping - Introduction, for melancholy - River Man.
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Sibylle Baier, Give Me A Smile.
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Lone Sal Bug, by Buckethead. And probably a few more off Colma.
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Beatles, Yesterday
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I can't find a YouTube link for the album track, but "Jim's Room" by Nina Nastasia would work. There's a live version, but that doesn't include the string track, and the string track is highly contrapuntal.

Round the Bend by Beck - I think it might actually be a synth accompaniment, but it's a very stringy synth.

Don't Need a Reason by Beth Orton - might be a little more than light percussion.

Love Comes to Me by Bonnie Prince Billy. What you're looking for is kind of the M.O. on the album that song comes from (The Letting Go), with some variations.

Half of You by Cat Power, along with Werewolf off the same album.

If you can handle some woodwind along with the acoustic, string and percussion, there's quite a few tracks on The Weed Tree by Espers that might work. They're all covers, but quite different from the originals in most cases. Afraid and Tomorrow.

Mazzy Star: Into Dust and Five String Serenade

The guitar's not necessarily acoustic, but These Days by Nico. There might be more stark stuff on the Desertshore album.
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Also not acoustic, but with fantastic strings and percussion so light it's played by the bassist: Ben Howard's cover of Call Me Maybe.
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