Custom Internet Poster Printing?
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Where online to get a nice poster printed from an image?

I have a JPEG I would like to have printed onto a poster for my brother for Christmas. I know you can, for example, give Zazzle an image and they will make a poster of it for you, but I thought maybe there were some better services out there.

So, if you've used a custom, upload-and-go print service (hey, including Zazzle even), who was it and how did it go? Thanks!
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Office Depot actually does quite nice posters-- I think it was twenty or thirty dollars for a quite large poster.
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I just had a terrible experience with Zazzle. They sent me the wrong size, and wanted me to package and ship it back at my own expense for a refund, even after I offered to just keep the one they sent in exchange for the difference in pricing. This was a really large piece, so it would have been more money out of pocket, and they were totally snippy about it.
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I have ordered several 20x30 posters directly from Flickr. They charge $19.99 and they are of perfectly fine quality. Caveat: there's no interface for cropping or scaling or anything, so make sure whatever you upload is in the correct aspect ratio beforehand.

Their automatic interface will also likely say, "Hey, this image isn't high enough quality for printing at 20x30" but you can just go right on and do it. I'm sure that's just a CYA move on their part.
posted by komara at 7:16 AM on November 26, 2012 does excellent prints (their metallic paper looks great, but if you're framing it it needs to be with a matte as it will stick to glass).
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I am very happy with the 24x36 prints I ordered from Posterburner.
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I see no reason to ever use anything other than - fair prices, great print quality and they ship large prints FLAT not rolled.
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