Buy burning peat north of Boston?
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Where on the north shore of Boston can I buy peat for burning in my fireplace?
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Don't know about the north shore, but it looks like these folks offer pick-up on the south shore.
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Thanks porcine. I'd found that place & trying to avoid an hours drive or $15 in shipping charges.
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I searched and searched, but couldn't find anything else. I love the idea of burning peat but never have the chance in south Florida. I hope you find someplace closer.

Maybe find a pub that advertises peat fires and find out who their source is? Or you could call the Southshore place, pretend to be further north than you are and see if they know of anyone else?
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Fuck me, that's a 1200% markup. You could probably light a BANK on fire for less money. The bank fire would certainly last longer.

MeMail me and I will mail you 5 peat bricks from Ireland for the postage cost. It's not going to be cheap but it's not going to be $30 either.
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I swear I've seen Essex County Coop in Topsfield carry peat - if they don't, they can probably point you to someone who does.
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OK so postage via An Post is actually ridiculous but I can send it with a courier service via a friend's business for €17. The actual cost of 5 peat bricks from my corner shop is seriously about €2. Total: $25 to your door.

And just for the record, all peat from Ireland is "genuine Bord na Móna certified" because it is illegal to sell peat that isn't. (We're not making new bogs so they're a little touchy about that and it's a regulated industry.)
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do you have compressed peat briquetes in the garden centre for pot plants?

If so it comes a little bit close to the smell of peat....(sniff....I MISS home)
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DarlingBri, I might be interested in that offer, too, if it was wide open.

I think I smell (har!) a business opportunity here....
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