I am not a gringo anymore...
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Within three months, my family will be returning to the States... Where I know almost no one ( after living in northeastern Btazil for eight years ). I know all the lists/literature about starting off well in a new country; how can I say goodbye to the country that I have grown to love?
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How possible is it for you to keep going back and forth? I've lived about half as long in NE Brazil as you have, and live now in the U.S.. I deal with my saudades by writing about Brazil, and also by going there whenever I can (A month or so every couple of years? It's getting more complicated now that we have kids).
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Obrigado, Umbu'; I am facing a difficult re-training stateside, but if I finish- the capital of Bahia will be a welcome reward ... Flights from MIA leave every evening :-)
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Depending on logistics, I would make a list of the things that it would be most important to have memories of -- favorite natural features, restaurants, and that sort of thing. You could take some deliberate memory-jogging photos or videos. I'd also consider visiting anything/place you've put off. Sometime in the three months I would try to have a "peak experience" moment, something social if possible, that will serve as a lasting memory. Make note of any former homes or gravesites you want to make sure to visit.
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