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Help me think of a placard message for a marriage equality rally. Serious or silly!

As a straight cis woman the basic gist of my support is that I don't want any kids to grow up fearing being gay, or being treated by other kids like being gay is something so different and something to be teased about, or thinking that being gay will mean they can't fall in love and get married or have a family if that's what they want. It's not equality if I am automatically allowed to but some people aren't. I'm going with a friend so we can take 2 signs. I'm open to either something that succinctly expresses my support as a straight person and/or something more general but funny
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What do they want?
Marriage equality.
Why do we want it?

My son can marry
him and REMINDS
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Let them eat cake.

(Pilfered from some rally in AU)
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“Gay people got a right to be as miserable as everybody else.” - Chris Rock
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The question that keeps running through my mind is: "Why do you care?"

Honestly, I'm still baffled as to why people oppose marriage equality. It has nothing whatsoever to do with them, it affects them in absolutely no way, and typically, the people who most vehemently oppose marriage equality, are the very same people who want less government in private matters. Sheesh, make up your mind.

Of course, it's not positive. And I'm all about positive messages.

What the world needs now, is love sweet love.

We DO need a piece of paper!

I personally believe this issue should be as controversial as oatmeal, but then, I'm a simple girl.
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"Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. (It's Adam and Stephen)."

(Stolen from David Rakoff)
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What's your goal? Snarky signs won't change anyone's mind. Here's a few sincere signs:
Marriage Equality = Fairness
Gay people love each other and want to be married. It's a good thing.
Gay Marriage = Equal Rights
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Love is love.
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All Love Is Equal
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"Marriage for All!"

And, thank you for being an ally and thus awesome.
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...and drawn so it looks like dueling poker hands.
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theora55 has it -- snarky/reactionary signs might make the sign-holder and friends/allies chuckle, but it won't "do anything." and i assume the rally is to do something, like get media coverage or show other people your side. use your position as a straight mom to reach other straight moms who might not be on your side yet. "marriage is love" "all our children should be treated equally" "christian mom for marriage equality" (if you are christian of course!)
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"Love Knows No Boundaries"

Or just hold a sign with the Human Rights Campaign logo.
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As a queer woman, I agree with the "positive is better than snarky" posters. Except, please no HRC signs... they have a bad history of not really being for anyone but cis white gay middle/upper-class men.
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