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Where to find upcoming protests in Los Angeles?

I don't want to delve too deeply into a specific movement at this point (call me a dilettante, though I've been there, and done that), but I'm interested in lending my presence to left wing protests and rallies (anti-privatization, pro-gay marriage, pro-socialized medicine etc.) in Los Angeles.

The ("Anonymous") anti-Scientology protests were organized and scheduled (at least in part) via an online forum. Is there something like this for other subjects, or even a site that compiles many different upcoming political demonstrations according to area?
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I get approximately 72 zillion emails a day from MoveOn and SEIU that talk about organized events of various natures. It helps to get on the mailing lists for specific groups too (Human Rights Campaign, NOW, whatever floats your boat). I actually haven't been able to find a single location that aggregates this kind of info other than MoveOn and the like, but with all of the different mailing lists I'm hooked into based on causes of interest, I manage to know a lot about what's actually going on around me.
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Los Angeles IndyMedia Center
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I need to start previewing.
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I used to find protests on IndyMedia, KPFK's events page, the ANSWER Coalition's site, LA Weekly's events listings, CodePink's site, various Socialist websites, and the Progressive Democrats of America's site.
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