How can I satisfy my ramen cravings?
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I love, loooooove beef flavored Sapporo Ichiban ramen noodles, but I can't always find them. Does anyone know (a) where I can get a steady supply in Toronto, or online with non-ridiculous shipping to Canada? or (b) what brand (or type of generic) beef-flavored ramen noodles taste similar? Particularly annoyed by the little cubes of freeze-dried carrots in some brands I've tried.
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They always have them at the Chinese grocery i go to on Spadina. (Hua Long Supermarket, at the corner of Spadina and Grange Ave.)
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I live in Los Angeles, and at most of the Asian supermarkets I go to regularly, they have them on sale super cheap. If you send me your address, I'll send you a case.
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