I can't remember this old movie. Please help me find it again.
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Vague memory filter. I vaguely remember a movie (or show) where a girl told the story of The Little Match Girl. Now I can't remember it.

I remember that there was some kind of conflict about theater or storytelling in general. I remember that the story was told in a theater or something like a theater using something like a slideshow, but with candles? The reason I remember that is because I thought it was so cool. I'm pretty sure that her telling the story resolved the conflict. For some reason, I keep thinking the girl was Shirley Temple, but I could be dead wrong on that. The only line I can remember clearly is the girl saying, "She lit a match..." and she held an invisible match in front of her. As a child, I was so moved by that one line.

I've tried Googling it, but I'm drawing a blank.

Does this ring any bells?
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Response by poster: Oh, never mind. I dug deeper and found it. It was a show The Road to Avonlea, which I don't ever remember watching... But it's this episode. Sorry to bother. I'll show myself out.
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Damn I totally knew the answer but I was too late. I loved that show. With Sarah Polley.
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