Donating a used musical instrument (UK)
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Where/who in the UK can I donate my musical instrument to?

I current work in the UK and have a nice wind instrument that I have not used in over a year, and I would like to donate it somewhere in the hopes that a young musician can use it, or let them decide that this is not the instrument for him/her, so saving them money.

Googling "donating musical instruments" has come up with several hits in the UK, but I'm not exactly sure which to pass it on it. It has also been suggested to contact the local council service.

Would love to hear if any locals here know any schools or music related groups use donated musical instruments to enrich the lives of our youth. I want to avoid having the instrument sold and the money pocketed. Thanks!

PS: I have no wish to sell it and donate the funds.
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Find out who teaches that instrument at your county's music service and ask them. My mum used to do that job, and she had no end of pupils who were talented but whose parents were reluctant to fork out for good instruments or more lesson time, so I'm sure someone in a similar position would be able to help - even if just to advise.
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You could just put it on the free section of craigslist (or whatever the UK equivalent is) sit back and wait for a few days to see who expresses interest. I did this a few weeks ago with an old but working mac laptop. Over 3 days I got close to 50 emails, most of which were essentially 'gimme gimme'. But I did have a few really needy grateful people like a guy who does volunteer work with low income kids and a college student who's computer died and needed something to get by until she went home for Christmas and inherited a family members laptop. So it felt pretty good, I was able to give it to the student and arrange for her to pass it on to the volunteer guy in January.
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I'm in the US, but all 3 levels of schools had 'school' instruments in various levels of quality that they would loan students that couldn't afford them. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to take it. See if you can contact a school administrator, or the music director. They might know of other resources as well.
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Seconding d11 above. Most counties in the UK have a music service and hold a stock of instruments for use by students. From your profile you are located in London rather than a county though and I confess I'm not sure what the equivalent service would be.

An alternative would be to approach a local secondary school directly to see if they have a peripatetic teacher of your instrument. If so, they will probably have a number of ideas for you.
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There's a great charity Music For All which does this sort of thing. They're very friendly, contact info here. I'm sure they could re-home the instrument for you or advise you on a local option.
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