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In the 1990s, every* mid-priced yuppie restaurant in Philadelphia and NYC was playing the Gipsy Kings. In the 2000s, it was Buena Vista Social Club. What's the inoffensive ethnic band of the 2010s?

* ok, maybe not EVERY restaurant. But I swear I heard 'em pretty much every time I went out for something fancier than cheesesteaks.
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Sade had a (pretty awesome) 2010 album called Soldier of Love that, now that I'm aware of it, I hear all the time.
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Response by poster: Hmm, that seems about right. I'll check it out!
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On one hand we may only be able to identify this in retrospect, but I also have noticed that the kind of place that would throw on an inoffensive ethnic CD today opts for a digital radio station instead for fear of being caught without the appropriate commercial music license. In 2005 or 2006 I even started to heard stories of music industry/RIAA reps dropping in on small businesses to remind them that they weren't authorized to play their own CDs at work, and to gently suggest that it would be better for everyone if they switched to a "music provider" who rolled the licensing fees into their subscription price.

In a way this is a non-answer answer, but you might also see what's playing over in the SiriusXM™ Coffeehouse.
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Response by poster: A friend just suggested Los Lobos as the 1980s version. So we can work our way backwards, too.
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Nouvelle Vague.

Also ye ye and chanson music in general.
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Manu Chao, definitely
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Does Beirut count? Not actually world music in the same way your other artists are, but I've heard it in a lot of different places around Portland for the last couple years.
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Response by poster: I'll check out the Coffeehouse!

Yes! Manu Chao, first heard (by me) at Cafe Steinhof around 2009 or so - a bit early, but a good fit restaurantwise.

I've never heard Beirut in a restaurant, though I'd like to. Seems a bit edgy for East Coast yuppies. I don't think I've encountered Nouvelle Vague either, though they sound like they'd fit just fine.
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I also remember 2009 as the year that every fourth or fifth public radio music segment was on fado.
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manu chao was more early 00s, i'd think.
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Not ethnic, but I haven't been able to escape Arcade Fire no matter how hard I try.
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Rodrigo y Gabriela
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I'm pretty sure I hear the goddamned Thievery Corporation in every single "trendy" bar/restaurant/lounge I've been in the past 5 years. I'm pretty sure of this because I always make note of it, and I have made note of it multiple times. At least in DC - "worldly" yuppies LOVE Thievery.
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I think the trend has flipped. You now go to ethnic restaurants and listen to American and English eighties music.
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Pretty difficult to answer this question in 2012, but I'll submit Gotan Project as a candidate.
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Seconding Rodrigo y Gabriela, and sometimes also Amadou & Mariam.
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Haha, Nthing Manu Chao and Thievery Corporation.
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Prince Royce.
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Oh, that's why I like the Gypsy Kings. Actually, in the early 1990s, I used to hear them in a hole in the wall Lebanese restaurant. Maybe they were reading the same trade publications.
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I hear Bebel Gilberto in about 80% of the restaurants and "lounges" I patronize.
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Neither are very ethnic, unless you can call Scandanavian ethnic, but Kings Of Convenience and Jose Gonzales are cafe favourites.

Anouar Brahem's Astounding Eyes of Rita and Cesaria Evora have been popular over the last few years. None of these are ubiquitous.

I think that people's knowledge of music has become too diverse to create anything as universally popular as The Gypsy Kings.
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I feel like this sort of question could possibly be answered by perusing the kcrw dj picks.
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Not quite ethnic, but I hear Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes a lot in cafes and restaurants, more so since a cover of Skinny Love became a top 20 hit here. Also, over here there's a new wave of chart-friendly acoustic musicians which have taken that slot - Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding, sometimes Florence and the Machine - in places where Buena Vista Social Club, Gotan Project and Manu Chao would have been played five years earlier.

And yes, definitely Nouvelle Vague.
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There's a vaguely world-music themed mid-priced chain here which caters to middle-class families, but I can't find out what music they play on the site.
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Response by poster: It's a good point that it's really too early to tell, and interesting to think, as nevan suggests, that musical tastes may be too diverse now for there to be another Gipsy Kings restaurant muzak takeover.
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Rupa & the April Fishes
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