Letterpress game for coders?
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Internet-enabled two player, turn-by-turn iOS game for the math & logic -abled?

My girlfriend is much better at Letterpress than me. I've taken to trying to lose with dignity: 15-10 isn't bad. She taunted me & didn't play the last letter once for a few turns once and won 25-0.

Is there a turn-by-turn game where a more mathematical/logical person might be a good rival to a verbal genius?

It's not just that I want to win- she wants to get better at logical thinking, too.

We have no qualms about using Facebook or Game Center or any other game-management system.
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Best answer: Mr. erst and I play Stratergery on our iPhones together. It's a bit like Risk.
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Outwitters is a kind of chess-like tactics game that rewards strategy and careful forethought.
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Best answer: Pricy for an iphone/ipad game, Carcassonne, is an electronic version of the old-school board game. It's a charming, well produced app. It has interesting strategy components: do you go for the short term gain, or take more risks and play for the long-term? Does your strategy help your opponent? Or do you block their advances?
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Carcassonne is great, and playing it got me back into Chess on Chess.com. Chess.com has a great website and iphone app.
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Neuroshima Hex is an abstract tactical game. Good play relies on logic, but the random deck order saves it from being purely logical.
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Summoner Wars is a good translation of the excellent chess-with-magic board/card game of the same name.
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Hero Academy is a turn-based strategy game that is surprisingly deep.
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Seconding Hero Academy. Here's a link.
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Mindfeud, especially if you choose the maximum amount of tiles.
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