Simple recipes caught on video.
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I need more websites or blogs like THIS offering very simple recipes and with video instructions included.

So I've recently discovered this Filipino food blog Panlasang Pinoy and I am instantly hooked. The recipes are very easy to make, and plus point for having instructional videos to every recipe. The blog don't have to be Filipino recipes, I am open to any cuisines really. Thank you so much!
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The site I work for,, has a video series called "The Easiest Way", which is focused on relatively easy versions of recipes.

We do other video series, including "Musical Recipes" and "MDRN KTCHN", but they aren't as focused on easy recipes.
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No video, but The Pioneer Woman's recipes have A LOT of photos documenting each and every step.
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My Drunk Kitchen
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Best answer: Maangchi makes delicious Korean food, and the recipes of hers that I've tried were all very easy. (Sometimes requiring a lot of chopping, but nothing that's actually difficult) Most of her recipes have video.
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There's also Cookin' With Coolio, of course. But no guarantees on how delicious the end results will be.
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Seconding both and Pioneer Woman. CHOW also has the "you're doing it wrong" series of videos, which are fun. I personally can't stand Pioneer Woman's folksy shtick, but the recipes are spot on.
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Manjula's Kitchen is Metafilter approved.
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I'm not even a gluten-free-er and I really like the recipes on Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef. They've been posting recipes for a long time and ones with videos for the past year or so.
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Gianni's North Beach is fun.
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Response by poster: Maangchi has some great recipes and so much fun to watch. New favorite. Thank you everyone! Keep them suggestions coming. Better i they have their videos on Youtube.
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