share a usb internet adapter? how do you do this magic?
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using a usb internet thumbdrive with multiple devices, how?

my parents connect to the internet through a usb thumbdrive (sim card/modem type thing), but this means they can only connect one thing at a time. can you connect this usb internet adapter to a wireless router so that they can share the connection to multiple devices at once? this is their most affordable option as they live in a south american country that still has very high adsl prices. their pc's are running windows 7. thank you.
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If they or you are technologically capable, it is possible for them to plug the USB cellular modem into a computer with wifi and share the connection by using that computer as a wireless router. As a practical matter, it may be simpler to find and buy a "mobile broadband router" which will have a USB port for use with a USB modem like that. Here is a random example (not vouching for the device itself) for $50 at Amazon.
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Possibly useful: Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing
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As long as each computer has a wifi card, you can actually share this connection when it's plugged into one of them. I just went through this with the same type of device that I have for work. If you're comfortable working through some command line operations, what you want to do is create a hosted network. Those two sites will walk you through the commands and give you a bit of background on what they're doing.

Alternatively, you can spend $30 for Connectify Pro, which looks like it automates the process for you, but which I haven't tried myself.
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Also, as you mentioned, there are various routers that you can plug the USB cellular modem into directly, that will act as a typical access point. Just be sure to check that any model you settle on is compatible with your USB stick. I ran into a complication recently when I forgot that step.
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