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Can you suggest a low-key but memorable place to eat in Manhattan? Preferably close to a park and a movie theater. For Wednesday. Thanks for your help.

Preferably "American" style food if possible.
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I don't really eat there anymore, but Waverly Restaurant (a diner on 6th and Waverly, near both Union Sq. Park, Tompkins Sq. Park, and the ten or so movie theaters in that area) was one of my favorite places to eat as a teenager. Cozy Soup 'n' Burger (on Broadway and 8th) is great too, but I haven't eaten there in even longer.
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Crif Dogs (St Mark's between 1st and A) for the best hotdogs, is near Tompkin's Square Park, and I think there's an independent movie theater kinda nearby.

Shake Shack is actually IN a park (Madison Square Park) for the best burger under $10 in the city. Not sure about proximity of a movie theater... maybe Kip's Bay?
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Oh, shit, Katz's! Go eat at Katz's! It's walking distance from both Tompkins and the Sunshine theater.
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Nthing Katz's. If you're lucky you can eat at the table where they shot a famous scene from "When Harry Met Sally" (I think they have a sign hanging from the ceiling over the table where Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan were sitting).
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I am physically incapable of recommending any restaurant other than Veselka on 2nd avenue and E9th street.
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Shake Shack is actually IN a park (Madison Square Park) for the best burger under $10 in the city. Not sure about proximity of a movie theater... maybe Kip's Bay?

There is a AMC Loews on 19th and Broadway, 4 blocks away.
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I was at the Waverly last winter. It's a diner, but a good one. It's cash only! Memorable? Not sure. They make an excellent patty melt.

It's more low-key than Veselka, which is also a diner, but nicer (finishes, etc.) with some Ukranian dishes and has always been busy and excited when I've been in/walked by. Veselka is more memorable.
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Porchetta on East 7th, right by Tompkins Square. Very small place, delicious pork sandwiches. Lots of nice dessert options nearby too--Macaron Parlour, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Butter Lane Cupcakes; and a bunch of great cocktail spots like Amor y Amargo which is pretty under-the-radar and fabulous.
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I realize that French is not American, but if you're going for "food that is recognizable and not particularly complicated," you might try La Boite en Bois. They have a pre-theater prix fixe that might fit your bill nicely.

It's on West 68th St., a block off of Central Park and four blocks from Lincoln Center. It's a block from the Loews Lincoln Square 13, four blocks from the Film Society of Lincoln Center and six blocks from the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.
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Yes, Katz's. If you go late, The Famous Table should be available. I was there ~9 PM (so, somewhat near closing time) on a weeknight a couple weeks ago and it was either available or it emptied while we were there.

Keep in mind, though, if you go that late there won't be table service. Not a huge obstacle, but if this is some kind of romantic date night, that could kill the mood.

I would also keep in mind what sort of movie you want to see. If you're looking to see Lincoln or any of the other big blockbusters, you might want to keep it centered on Union Square rather than Houston Street or that ridiculous tiny Village 7 place on third ave.
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Union Square park (bonus: holiday market), Regal Union Sq stadium 14, Chat-n-Chew restaurant. You may want to clarify "memorable," since that can skew cozy or unusual or funky...
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I like the Greensquare Tavern, which is close to both Union Square and Madison Square Park. Menus here, easier to read than on the website.

For a budget option, the Chat 'n' Chew is great.
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Motorino has really good pizza and non-pizza food, shouldn't be too crowded on a Wednesday, and is near Tompkins Square park and Village East cinema.
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I have no idea what "low-key but memorable" means, but my ideal combo of those things is Craft restaurant, Madison Square Park and then either Kips Bay, Chelsea Clearview or down to the Sunshine. (Though I'd train myself up to the Ziegfeld if I was really going to plan an ideal day.)
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Thanks for your great answers! I think xo and essexjan will be today's winners - Chat n Chew sounds perfect and I love Union Square. Woohoo!
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The portions at Chat 'n' Chew are enormous too.
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