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Tips please on getting posh frocks made from scratch in Hong Kong.

I'm going to be working (classical singing) in Hong Kong for 9 days in September. I've heard about the tailoring thing, and a couple of male colleagues have had suits made while there. Inspired by this recent Hong Kong thread, I decided to try to get two or three simple concert dresses made (think long and formal). I was thinking of turning up with one of my dresses as a demo of a basic shape that fits me, a few colour swatches and a few sketches and photos. Any tips as to where to go and how to go about it? I've done quite a bit of googling but there's very little out there on tailoring women's clothes.
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When the wife and I went to HK last September we, of course, had to have suits made. Know that any place that says they can do it in 24 hours can make a dress or suit, but for quality you want to go to a place that will require you to return for at least two fittings and that two or three days will get you better quality threads. Bobby's Fashions, (3A Carnarvan Rd, Kowloon, phone 27242615), did an excellent job over three days and the prices are comparable to most local tailors. I didn't look at a lot of materials outside of suiting, but they do cater to women's fashions, will work off sketches, and keep all your measurements on file so you can continue to order from them after you return home. Also wear the foundations and shoes you'll be wearing under your dress, so they can get accurate measurements, and speak up about every concern during the fittings--they'll scowl because you're a pushy American, but they'll take care of it. Good luck and tell us how your dresses turn out.
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Or even a pushy Brit?.

Thanks for the address and tips: I'm happy to be fitted more than once.
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Suggest you try asiaxpat.com where resident expats exchanges tips and do a word search under "Practical" or "Women Only". Here's a good thread to get you started.
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Take the subway and then the bus up to the Tan Tian Buddha (world's largest sitting buddha) on Lantau, then spend 4 hours walking through the hills back into town. A fantastic way to spend the day, see citrus trees and bamboo groves, butterflies and lots of buddhist hermits.
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aww crap, wrong thread.
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Ooops, furtive, I marked your answer "best answer" by mistake. I wasn't taking the piss, honest.

That asiaxpat site moves fast - I remember searching it a while ago and finding nothing. Thanks for the reminder and the search tip.
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I was very happy with the suit and shirts I had made at La Elite Fashions, 64 Mody Road in Kowloon. I still get holiday cards from them!
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