Mens boots, for women
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I really like these boots, but they don't do men's boots in my size. Help!

I am a UK size 4.5 in women's shoes, I don't know if that would mean I'm actually closer to a size 4 in mens? Either way, I'm struggling to find any similar styles which are available anywhere near that size.

Anybody know where I can get boots like this in small sizes, which at least ship to the UK? I would be fine with a "womens" pair with the same aesthetic.
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Those are gorgeous. There's a lot going on with them, though--when you say "the same aesthetic," which parts are important to you? They have brogue (the punched holes) and also that wooly bit.

Frye makes very nice, masculine-looking boots that are actually for women, though I don't see anything that's either a brogue or with a wool inset like that.
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If it's just the brogue you're looking for, there's these: Kate Kanzier "Magan" ankle boots.
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These might be too busy, but Fluevog has some nice brogue boots. They have unisex style boots, too.
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Best answer: Marks and Spencer do a similar boot in their 'older boys' section. Out of stock in your size at the moment but they're always restocking and often have in-store what's missing online.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I marked essexjans response as the best answer because even if those boots don't come back into stock, I know where I'm getting my next pair of work shoes!
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I knew I had seen something similar! What about these, from Born?
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