I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet, but it is also almost Advent!
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Advent Calendars: Please suggest the best candy or toy versions you know of. Edible chocolate? Yes please! Funny toys? Awesome. Whisky? Mmmmm.

The boy and I are going to advent it up this year and I am looking for two exciting calendars. We are a bit food obsessed, so chocolate is good, but it needs to be better quality. Toys are also fun. Less traditional but neat is cool. I don't have time to buy the trinkets myself this year, so I am looking for pre-filled options.

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Best answer: The Whisky Advent Calendar does indeed exist!
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Best answer: The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar makes me wish I was 10 years old again.
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Best answer: Yonder Star has a nice selection.
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Best answer: I just spotted this tea-filled Advent calendar.
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Best answer: Staying in the booze realm, there's also a gin advent calendar that looks pretty good.
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Best answer: These art advent calendars aren't edible but they're pretty neat. check out the one with art stickers to curate your own gallery!
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Best answer: And this one - an advent calendar with tiny glass ornaments for your tree!
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Best answer: There's always the homemade beer advent calendar:
*Get a case of 24 bottles/cans.
*Write numbers from 1 to 24 (jumble up the numbers) on the outside of the unopened case.
*Cut little advent-calendar-style door flaps over each bottle/can.

24 beers in a case, 24 days in an advent calendar --- coincidence? I think not!
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Best answer: Moonstruck Chocolates has a lovely advent calendar available on their website. I got one last year and we really enjoyed it.
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Oh, and usually we use a pretty wooden reusable one that I fill with random high quality chocolates, that way I know it'll be good stuff. I think I got it from Target, of all places, a few years ago. Amazon usually has a few, too.
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Response by poster: You all told me great things! Best answers every day of the year!
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