Sliding scale or ASL mental health services in Columbus
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Two of my family members are interested (separately) in getting treatment for what seems to be depression. They are both in the Columbus, OH, area. I'd like to help them find services, but given their circumstances (detailed inside) and the fact that I'm in another state, I'm not sure where to start.

Family member A has no income or health insurance. He's had problems with drug addiction for most of his life (he's in his forties), and was recently in treatment for painkillers and heroin, but relapsed. He recently described his life as "nothing but boredom and depression." He's open to seeing a counselor and taking medication if it's recommended, but I don't know if he'd follow through with seeing a counselor regularly. He would absolutely not see a faith-based counselor.

Family member B is Deaf, and is on Medicare. He may have some supplemental health insurance, but I'm not sure now. He would probably be more comfortable with a faith-based (Christian) counselor. He does have a GP that I'm assuming would prescribe anti-depressants if needed. Family member A currently lives with him, and the support that B has found in Al-Anon meetings has made him open to counseling for his own depression, but we need to either find a counselor that knows ASL or he'd have to hire an interpreter. If anyone knows if there are any ASL Al-Anon groups near Columbus, that would awesome, too.
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This might be a good start for family member A, I had a friend use them with some success before he got a job with benefits. I'm sorry I'm not aware of any ASL resources, but the same group may be able to refer you to some.
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