Birthday gift ideas needed
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Birthday gift for 50 year-old gay male?

If you were turning 50, gay, my older brother and I loved you dearly...what would you want from me for your birthday?

(If I could ask him I would).
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I think we're going to need some identifiers byond "gay." What does he like? Football, fishing, reading, cooking, etc?
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I would like you to spend time with me doing something that I enjoy. Your treat, of course.
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I'd take him on an adventure, just the two of you. Depending on your budget it could be something small like a day long hike, or something big like a weekend in Vegas. Activities with other people, memory building stuff... that usually is the best way to go for gifts.
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50 year old gay men are homosexual, not homogeneous. You kinda need to tell us more about him if you're hoping for a good idea.
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Gay people have a wide variety of tastes, just like other people. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he hates sports or loves barbara streisand. If a gift is what you have in mind, then it will have to be based on your detailed knowledge of his likes and dislikes, not just the fact that he's a middle-aged gay male.
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With just those identifiers? A $100 Amazon gift certificate.
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Your older brother? Why not get him whatever you've gotten him for his birthday for the last 40-odd years of his life?

Were you previously estranged? Did he just come out of the closet?
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How about tickets to something you're both into? A pro football game, Springsteen concert, the Book of Mormon, etc...
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What is your budget? spending time together is a great idea, whether its dinner and a show, a concert, a hiking trip, etc. What about organising a surprise birthday party with close family & friends?
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