Toddler music and musical DVD recommendations?
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XmasGiftFilter: Recommendations for DVDs that have adults leading children in the usual song-with-actions classics? And classic kids song CDs that are decent and not Raffi?

This is for a two-year-old. We like Raffi; we're just sick of him....
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Laurie Berkner is great!
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The Wiggles!

Caspar Babypants.
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Mine have enjoyed, to various degrees:

Sea Music, by Dan Zanes (and bits and pieces of other things he's done. Mostly traditionalish songs, fun to sing along with).
The Jellydots - we have "Hey You Kids!", loved by many here at the House of Thylacinthine.
Snacktime! - Barenaked Ladies. Very fun, nice for older ones too.
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Steve Songs! So great! The CDs from the era when my kid were little were Marvelous Day and On a Flying Guitar.

(That was before he started appearing on PBS, so yes, that's my sole bit of hipster cred. I knew Steve Songs before he got famous.)
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Oh, and if you're keen for traditional little kids action type songs, anything produced by the Australian tv children's show "Play School" is really good. They do heaps of songs, in both cd and dvd format, with actions and funny stuff. Highly recommended.

Here's one: Play School Nursery Rhymes. (The This Little Piggy animation they mention is wonderful, and you can see it for yourself here: Piggies.)
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The Pandora children's channels - lullabies, folk songs, and classic - are very good and introduced me to a lot of new artists.
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You need Fred Penner and Shari (I don't know her last name. The Lambchop lady).
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Ella Jenkins!
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Ralph Covert
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