Remoting into Server 2008 R2 w/o Win7 Professional
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How can I remote into Windows Server 2008 R2 from a PC with Win7 Home Premium? From what I've read, the built in remote desktop stuff only works with Professional and above. I need the capability for a class project, not for production, so security isn't a huge issue here.
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RealVnc ( or UltraVnc (http://
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Remote Desktop works fine in Home Premium.
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Win 7 Home has RDP built in where you can view another computer, you just can't set up Win 7 home to be viewed by another computer.
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I know you've marked the question resolved but I think TeamViewer is the easiest to use software.
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As above, Home versions can't be accessed via RDP but they can connect out with RDP. Various flavors of VNC are possible alternatives. Splashtop used to be an option but I think it's really just an iOS / Win8 app now. I haven't tried TeamViewer but I have heard good reviews.
Unless you need something fancy stick with RDP.
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