Choices on Aluminum attache case
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My husband mentioned today he needed to replace his black leather briefcase/attache case with an aluminum one. Of course, with Christmas just around the corner I think this would be a good Christmas present. My question is what is a good brand, best place to buy online price wise and what color would be best as far as black or silver?
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Rimowa is sort of the best known brand, but be warned they are quite pricy.

I'd go silver personally - otherwise why get AL? There are cheaper ways to get similar levels of protection if a black case is fine.
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For the evil genius.
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My wife bought me a Zero as linked by leotrotsky almost a decade ago and it still looks brand new. I don't carry it that often, but I love it. It is damn near indestructible.
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What would be similar to aluminum JPD for durability? The black leather case he has now is worn around the edges which prompted his comment about getting aluminum.
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Hard Plastic is the other option. Like leo trotsky's link
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The Zero comes in black, too, love mine...
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