Dropped my planner in a puddle, this has got to end.
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I'm about to buy my first briefcase, and I'm looking for advice. I don't need to carry a laptop, I just want something that will help me juggle a couple books, my planner, loose sheets of paper, a 3-ring binder, a newspaper, and my purse as I go between home, work and work-related appointments. It should be easy to carry, professional looking, good at organizing these things, and maybe it can replace my purse during the work day. What are the best features of awesome briefcases? What should I be wary of?
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You want something that is going to be comfortable to carry once it gets full of things. Look for a wide strap, possibly with padding.

Personally I LOVE my Waterfield Cozmo (I guarantee some other MeFites will concur). Even when it's weighed down with a laptop, it doesn't kill my neck like most bags do.

I'm also a fan of the Queenbee bags. I have a Trucker and Truckette. Not exactly a briefcase, but really roomy and comfortable, and some of them have designs that are subdued enough for work use.
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you didnt' mention lunch - i take a packed lunch most days and my box has to fit into my bag as doe s a bottle of water. to be honest i normally just stick with my laptop rucksack...work provided that and it turned out to fit all my needs. other than that i'd go for quality - the thing will get a lot of use! also, make sure it is easy to open and close with one hand. take something heavy with you to go shopping so see how comfy it is to carry and take your time - same reason as before - you'll use it a lot.
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Response by poster: Good point, koahiatamadl. I do bring lunch to work. But I'm OK with two bags. It's two bags (lunch and purse) plus a half dozen other loose things that's too much.

I really like the look of those Queenbee bags -- and the price -- radioamy. It looks like they're available all over Portland, so I think I'll start by checking them out around town and seeing how they look.

Thanks, you two. I'm disappointed not to have more answers, but maybe I should have been more strategic and posted on a week day.
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I highly recommend this bag. It's technically for a laptop but would also be perfect for your purposes. Tons of space, really hip-looking, lots of small pockets for your wallet etc. On days I don't carry my laptop I can fit notebooks, lunch, magazines, etc. It stands up on its own and is faux leather.
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I've recently become a huge fan of Red Oxx products. One of the most attractive aspects is their Forever Unconditional warantee. The tag that comes on the bag says "remember to put this bag in your will". They're a little "expedition" looking, but I don't know your tastes so give them a look. Lots of colors available. I have the plain black Slimline briefcase, which has a red interior, lots of organizer pockets, and is industrial strength.

And I agree with an earlier poster that the shoulder strap is important, and Red Oxx makes my favorite strap ever, The Claw. It is included with all of their bags, or if you buy a different bag that doesn't have a good strap, try theirs for $20.
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Franklin Covey makes a variety of really gorgeous bags you might want to take a look at. At least if you're like me and had some distaste for the plain square briefcase look... The Franklin Covey bags are sturdy and over the past few years have become increasingly stylish.
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I second the rec for the Waterfield Cozmo (http://www.sfbags.com/products/cozmo/cozmo.htm). I've got one in "Stone" color -- beautiful, and yes...it has one awesome shoulder strap. I can lug it all around and my back stays happy. More importantly, it is seriously stylish. People always ask me about it.
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