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What is this kind of hidden-spinning-tray table called?

This evening I saw this awesome round wooden end table with a hinged lid that opened to reveal a tray inside that you could rotate around. The tray had a bunch of different sized compartments to it, like it was supposed to hold tiny bottles of booze, cigars, embroidery supplies, or whatever. I'd love to find one to purchase, but I don't know what style it's called and Google isn't helping.

The hinge was visible and bisected the top of the table. The table itself was small and maybe only a foot and a half high. It was four-legged, vintage/antique wood, and had a dome hanging from the bottom of the tabletop.

I saw it at ABC Furniture in Manhattan, but it's not on their site and there were no sales people around to ask. I recall seeing this kind of sort-of-hidden-compartment table in a scene in the movie version of Fahrenheit 451, as well. Does anyone know what this style of table is?
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Did it look like this: Globe Cocktail Table?
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Also: call up the store -- I'm sure they'd tell you what it is.
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I'm not sure of a name for the table itself, but is the rotating tray a lazy susan? That might help with searches.

Without seeing it, I'd probably call what you describe a side table with a recessed (or maybe hidden?) lazy susan.
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A friend, noticing this question, pointed me here.
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Lots of sewing tables have this feature so maybe search for that term.
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Oooh, Dreadnought that's super close. That's exactly what the organizer tray looked like, but it was set in a round table with a top that hinged up. The table you linked to is from the same manufacturer as the one I saw, though, which gives me a new avenue to search down.
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