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How can I tell if almond milk has gone bad?
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First of all, is it homemade, a refrigerated carton, or the box kind? I've never seen the refrigerated carton go bad (and mine stay in there for a while), whereas the box kind seem to lose their natural sweetness and that's my sign of "time to throw out."
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I've seen my refrigerated cartons get kind of separated--I could see little chunks of something (maybe the almond parts? it wasn't like spoiled milk chunks, more like nutty little bits) and it got a lot more watery. Maybe it wasn't 'bad', per se, but it grossed me out to eat watery, softly-chunky cereal, so I've always thrown it out. I haven't had almond milk in a while but if I remember correctly this always seemed to happen after a week and a half to a couple of weeks.
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Almond Breeze FAQ

How can I tell if the product turns bad?

Almond BreezeĀ® products have mild and pleasant odors. If your Almond BreezeĀ® does not look, smell or taste the way it should, it may be spoiled. Signs of spoilage include:

The carton looks abnormally bloated
When opened, product appears to be moldy, curdled and/or slimy
The color has changed
The product has an off odor or smells like sour milk
The product texture has changed and is not smooth and creamy

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My 2 year old drinks almond milk due to a mild dairy sensitivity. We found a sippy cup full of it hidden underneath the couch, once; the cup had clearly been there for a few days. It was FOUL. Really unbearably -- so much worse than when dairy milk goes off.

IME, when almond milk goes bad, it does not do so subtly.
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I find that it separates and starts to smell and taste weirdly like blueberries?
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