IrfanView Substitute for Mac
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Is there an IrfanView Substitute for Mac which does PNG image optimization (like the RIOT plugin)?

I use the popular IrfanView image editing tool on Windows for editing my images. It features a powerful image optimizing plugin which get activated if you "Save as Web" - Its called RIOT or Radical Image Optimization Tool.

My need - I need to save png images in 128/64/16 colors palletes, which reduces image size considerably while maintaining quality. Useful for web images.

Are you aware of a similar software on Mac computers which has similar use like RIOT, or a png editor which can do the same, that is save in lesser colors.
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It's not a direct analogue, but for making PNG images smaller: ImageOptim is powerful, free and fast. The system service available is very handy too.
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Oh, and ImageAlpha (by the same devs) may by of interest as well.
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I gave up trying to find a IrfanView Mac equivalent so I installed IrfanView on my Mac. I don't know if plugins will work though.
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If you're ok with the command line, GraphicsMagick is a decent way to do a large collection of images automatically.

  gm convert pic.jpg pic.png -colors 64

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The ImageMagick guy recommends these PNG-optimizing utilities. They're mostly cross-platform but it looks like ImageOptim is specifically developed for the Mac. (These are all command line applications.)
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I dunno but does GraphicConverter not do this? Let me put it this way: I used to never remember the name of IrfanView, and when I went looking for the Windows equivalent of GraphicConverter, that's what always came up. It's nagware btw.
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I've had good luck with pngquant and recent versions of Fireworks.
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