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I'm looking for a healthy, filling, carb-lite meal that I can prepare a few days in advance and take with me on a train without much spillage. Travel makes me stress-eat, and I'm looking for something that I can just conveniently take out and devour, but which also happens to be good for me.
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Make a burrito/wrap with low carb tortillas. Filling could be meat and cooked veggies. You can freeze it then heat up the morning of.

Or, I like a meal made up of snacks when I'm traveling. Some ideas are nuts, string cheese, whole fruit, jerky, roasted seaweed, yogurt, or cottage cheese.
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I make a lot of little baggies of foods to take on the train with me because I also get somewhat bored and having little things to munch on helps pass the time. I'm not sure whether you'll have refrigeration beforehand but my goto "good for me" meals are mini-burritos made with lo-carbish high protein tortillas. So you can cook and cut up a variety of veggies (avoid rice and/or beans to keep carbs down) and spices and meats and wrap them up and they're set to go. Other good things for long trips: string cheese, dried fruits and nuts, dark chocolate squares, cup o soup/noodles (you can get hot water in the dining car if you are going on a long train trip), hot tea/coffee in a thermos.

On preview: yeah exactly :)
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One word: nuts! Delicious, easy, and filling!
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Veggies, whatever you like. Meats and cheeses, whatever you like. Some potatoes, pasta, or rice, if you want them. All cooked.

Beat some eggs. Put fillings in a pie pan, pour beaten eggs over the top. Bake in the oven til firm. Good eaten hot or at room temperature. For traveling, pack in a Tupperware or in sandwich bags. If you make it firm enough, you can pick it up and eat it with your hand.
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My lastest obsession is kale chips. Particularly spicy ones though I haven't tried that particular recipe.
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Make salad in a jar - salads layered in a container so that the dressing doesn't get the more delicate veggies soggy, will keep in a fridge for a few days. When ready to eat, just shake it up to combine.
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Nuts. Hard boiled eggs.
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