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How do I pull clips out of a DVD and export them as mp4s?

I've been trying to do this using vlc but all of the advice I can find online is dated, and no longer applies to the newest version that I just downloaded (2.0.4). I'm using Mac OS X 10.7.4., btw.
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Mpeg Streamclip or Handbrake.
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(MPEG Streamclip is more powerful, Handbrake is a little more user friendly)
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I use Handbrake for ripping and MPEG Streamclip for editing the resulting MP4 files (it has pretty simple editing capabilities, you hit "I" at the start of your clip and "O" at the end, and then you can copy/trim/whatever).
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When I try using Handbrake, a dialogue box with this message opens up: "HandBrake could not find a compatible version of libdvdcss (32-bit libdvdcss is not compatible with 64-bit HandBrake and vice-versa)."

What now?

(Forgot to mention, I know fuck-all about computers, programming, etc.)
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When I try using Handbrake, a dialogue box with this message opens up:


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I think it worked! Huzzah!
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Hmm...are there any tips for achieving comparable video quality?
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There are plenty of people out there writing endless essays on Handbrake quality settings, but I would try ripping something using the Normal preset and then the High Profile preset so you can do a quick comparison.

If you are then editing the resulting clip with MPEG Streamclip, just do Save As and keep the format set to MP4; if you do that, the program won't recompress your video and you won't lose any further quality.
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One last question...is there any functional difference between an m4v and an mp4? I'm having good luck with the m4vs coming out nicely, not so much the mp4s...
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M4V is a video+sound format, MP4 is sound only.
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That's strange because I have mp4s that are video files...? Either way, I am happy as long as a m4vs works under the same conditions as an mp4.
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MP4 can most certainly be used to store video. For your purposes, MP4 and M4V are exactly the same file. M4V and M4A are just Apple-specific file extensions which specify if it's an audio or video file.

Apple uses M4V and M4A to reference files downloaded from it's services, especially those containing DRM. According to Wikipedia, it also signifies that it may have AC3 encoded audio, which is outside the MP4 container's spec.
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