Why is the power/ac adaptor cord for my laptop listed as three times more expensive from one site vs. the other?
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Where to order power cord/ac adaptor for DELL latitude 5410 laptop? What information do I need to know for Volts and Amps?

Checked out the DELL website and the replacement power/ac adapter is $66. I went online to Amazon and a power/ac adaptor listed that would work with a DELL 5410 was at $25.01.

The adapter/power cord is listed as 125 volts and 2.5 A. The price difference is three times as much. What is the deal? Where should I order it, from the originial manufacture site or from another site?

Any input would be helpful, thanks!
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It's because the Dell one is the original equipment that shipped with the laptop, the one on Amazon is generic, but matches the same requirements as your laptop needs. Buy from Amazon.
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When choosing a replacement power supply the important things to know:
1) Is the plug the same?
2) Are the output Volts the identical.* (You don't mention those, but if they're too low, nothing will happen. If they're too high you can fry things. The input Volts (125) are just what it takes from the wall and means it will work in the US.)
3) Are the Amps at least as big as the original. You can't have too many amps, but you can have too few.

The Dell manufactured replacement says Volts: 19V, Amps: 3.42A. In this case you need something that puts out exactly 19V and at least 3.42 amps. (From your wording I'm not sure if the 2.5amps you list above is on the original or the replacement. If it's on the original then go with that. But most replacements I've looked at for that model provide at least 3.4 amps.)

(Links to the particular adapters you're looking at would be helpful to see if we're looking at the same thing. )

* Identical within about 5%, so for 19V you should be fine with 18-20 Volts.
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Google the part number printed on the power supply itself. Google shopping should provide acceptable (sometimes OEM-produced) alternatives at a lower cost. Some of the latitude power supplies are surprisingly standardized (finally!) it just may not have the glow-y blue ring.
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Buy the amazon one, they are fine. All my Amazon replacement power bricks have worked fine.

If it doesn't work send it back.
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