What is this teapot?
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I saw this tall teapot in the British tv-show Wartime Farm, so it's possibly British and from the 40s. I'd love to know what style it is, or anything that could help me find something similar - I've had no luck searching myself. Screencap of teapot
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Not quite as pretty but the Dema Simplicity is similar
posted by Gilgongo at 6:05 AM on November 6, 2012

The shape makes me think it is a hot chocolate pot, not a teapot. You might try searching under that name instead.
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It looks more like a coffeepot; some of them are styled very much like teapots. (Others look like gigantic creamers.)
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That looks a lot like the Fiestaware Coffee Pot that my family has, which looks sort of like this one (but there are several different styles).
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I'll agree that it's a coffee pot, and Susie Cooper's are often in similar shapes and styles.
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Yep, that's not a tea pot, it's definately a chocolate pot.

Chocolate pots are usually inbetween tea and coffee pots: the tea pots are usually the squatiest, and coffee pots are both tallest and slimmer than the others.
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Thanks to all for telling me about it not being a teapot - should help with searching!
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