Where in Sydney can I get my hair made into a wig?
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Is there anywhere in Sydney which will make a human-hair wig for a specific cancer patient?

My mother-in-law just got diagnosed with breast cancer, and is looking at starting chemo in the next few weeks. My husband was lucky enough to inherit her hair, and would like to have it made into a wig for her. (It's down past his shoulders, there should be plenty of it to share.) I know there are plenty of places that will let you donate hair to be made for a cancer patient, but the important thing to him is helping his Mum feel like herself again. Is there anywhere you would recommend? Considering how important this is, we don't want to leave it to a google search and risk someone stuffing it up. It doesn't have to be a charity - we're ok with paying for this.

Any ideas of who we should talk to, or where we should look?

Thanks in advance.
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You are lucky that you're in a major city; that should help. If I were you, I'd start with movie prop houses or theatrical/opera folks -- the higher up, the better. They most likely buy their wigs, but should have a link to people who make the best ones.
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Just so you know in most cases one "ponytails" worth of hair is usually only enough for a third or so of a wig. Even if he shaved his head completely it is not likely there will be enough hair for a full wig. Wig makers should be able to match the hair though and would combine the hair. You are looking at about 2 to 3 months or so to make the wig (hand knotting hair takes time) and would be looking at costs of US$1,500 and up in the US.

We recently looked into this for my MIL as I was getting my very long hair cut short and she suffers from severe hair loss and this was the information we were given.

This was in the US though so I can't offer any information on Australian wigmakers, but a quick google search of wigmakers came up with a few in Sydney that most likely be able to answer your questions. These people make medical wigs so might be a good place to start, not that I have used them or are recommending them.

So sorry your family is having to go through this.
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I don't have any specific direction except to echo what wwax said about it taking several ponytails to make a wig. I donated my hair to Locks of Love and I was told it was more like 8-10 ponytails per wig, although that might have to do with the percentage of unuseable (dyed, damaged, etc) hair that they receive.
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Try Ascot Wigmakers (in Crows Nest).
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There used to be a wigmakers in Newtown ( I sold my hair to them once!) but I don't see a listing for them anywhere, however, there's a place in the city that says it will make wigs: Suzanne's Wigs. You should talk them about how they want the donated hair before your husband has it cut off.
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