Help our Thanksgiving trip not be a turkey.
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Portland-area getaway, Thanksgiving weekend, mountains or coast. With dog and toddler. Help?

We are thinking of skipping Thanksgiving this year in favor of a mini-vacation either at the Oregon Coast or up in the mountains. Slight preference for the mountains, since we've been there a lot less than we've been to the coast, but either would be good.

Difficulty: elderly dog (so pet-friendly, no stairs, and easy to get outside to go potty), 23-month-old (so we would prefer a suite, where we can put him down and close the door and have some adult time), and Thanksgiving weekend (so there will need to be nearby restaurants open on Thanksgiving, or our suite will need a kitchen so we can cook). Also, relatively short notice. Is this good or bad, considering it's Thanksgiving weekend? I do not even know.

Prefer to pay $150 or less per night. Ideally, we'd like a cabin or something "special" like that, but I know that's not likely.

I hate researching and booking accommodations almost more than I hate anything else in the world, and this is not something priceline is good at. Any ideas?
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Have you tried looking at airbnb or vrbo? You could tailor your searches by price and pets. Looks like you may still be able to get a house or cabin in/near a town somewhere. No personal recommendations. Sorry.
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Yakima Valley is a pretty good idea, but Cherry Wood B, B & B doesn't take kids.

rabbitrabbit, are you interested in the mountains for snow/skiing? Or just for scenery?

As for coast: Have you done Cannon Beach? Long Beach Peninsula? Astoria?
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I think they do allow kids because I found out about them from a blog where the blogger stayed there with her husband and child.
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the inn at cannon beach starts at ~150.00 for suites but a pet will cost you extra.

gear hart ocean inn, roughly around the same amount, with extra for the pet.

it's going to be a bit rough at this stage to find a suite that is pet friendly under 150.00.
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Belknap springs is exactly what you are looking for. They have cabins, they have hot springs they have a thanksgiving dinner and there is some stores and other restaurants nearby in blue river, meckenzie bridge, leaburg, vida and springfield. They are about 1 hour up the mckenzie valley from eugene on hwy 126 and right at the boundary willamette national forest. They allow pets and there is a lot to go sightseeing about up that way.
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Bend Dutch Rentals, maybe? Close to Bachelor. We stayed at one of their properties a few months ago and were really impressed. Inn at Cannon Beach is nice but spendy. I don't know about their rooms with kitchenettes, but regular rooms with no kitchen cost at least $150 a night. For that, you could get a nice, modern house in Bend with a well stocked kitchen. Have a great trip, wherever you go!
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VRBO turned out to be the answer -- we found an amazing cabin (secluded, hot tub, game room, sleeps 11, pets OK) up at Mount Hood for $165 per night. And we ended up deciding to take a couple friends with us, who also have a little kid, so it should be extra-fun. We just booked this morning, 9 days before our trip!

Belknap looks like it would have been great, too, but the two cabins that allow pets were both booked for Thanksgiving. We'll have to try that some other time. Maybe we'll get over to Yakima at some point, but that's a little farther than we want to drive with a 23-month-old.

Thanks to everyone for their answers! This will certainly be a memorable Thanksgiving.
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