Moving to Boerne, TX. What should I know?
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Moving to Boerne, TX. What should I know?

We are definitely moving to Boerne, TX, NW of San Antonio. What do I need to know? I would appreciate information on things to look out for (make sure you buy a house with a water filtration system(?)); fun stuff to do; best schools to consider, etc.

One thing I will miss desperately is our gym membership. We belong to a very family-oriented gym that offers up to 3 hours of child care per day. They will change poopy diapers. Swimming lessons and some other activities are included in your membership fees. Other lessons are also available for an additional fee (such as dance or gymnastics). I really love the water fitness for myself. Is there anything like that in the area?

Thanks for your input!
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I don't know if you already picked this up, but there are some weird-ass pronunciations in this area. Like, you'll be living in "Bernie", and San Antonio is in "Bear" county. When I first moved to San Antonio, I kept pronouncing the "x" in Bexar, and people kept laughing at me!

I don't own a house here or have kids, so I'll have to let others answer those bits of information. The water is extremely hard here, so you'll probably want to move into a house with a water softener if that will bother you.

As for fun stuff to do, there's quite a bit in San Antonio proper! The Witte Museum has pretty cool exhibits and programs -- right now there's a mummies of the world exhibit that most kids and adults would enjoy. The McNay Art Museum also has lots of stuff specifically for kids, like Family Days that are free and have interactive activities and programs. Here's the blurb for one they're having tomorrow to celebrate Día de los Muertos.

There are also always lots of smaller festivals and celebrations and fairs going on, if you and your kids are in to that. Just this weekend, I stopped at a craft show that had quite a few different activities, and on my way back passed a Lebanese Festival that had dancers, food, and booths. Plus it's Wurst Fest in New Braunfels, which is also awesome.

Fiesta happens once a year, and, a little like Mardi Gras, involves lots and lots of official and unofficial events of all kinds.

If your family likes to do bigger budget stuff, there's a Six Flags theme park (somewhat confusingly, also called Fiesta Texas), a Sea World, and a massive water park called Schlitterbahn in the area. All are, I hear, super popular with tiny people and teens alike.

Sorry if most of that information is more San Antonio specific than Boerne specific, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of what's going on in the area! Unfortunately, we are in Texas, which means that you'll pretty much need a car to get anywhere. The good news is, the traffic is totally manageable, even compared to smaller cities. I really enjoy living in SATX, even though it often gets overshadowed by Austin to the North (which is a very, very short drive away if you want to visit!).

Feel free to Memail me if you think there's anything else I can help you with!
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Where are you moving from (how much of a culture shock is Boerne going to be)? That could help us tailor our answers.

I love the Dodging Duck Brewhaus in Boerne!
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Omaha, NE.
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you are not employed by the UPRR are you?
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Looks like there's a YMCA in Boerne. Our YMCA provides the type of care and family-oriented amenities you describe, and has good gym facilities and fitness classes. Hopefully the one there is similar.
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No, not UP employees.
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itsamermaid mentioned Schlitterbahn, and I wanted to second it. That area is famous across Texas for the water park, which has been ranked the best water park in the country. It has water coasters, areas that use part of the Comal river. If you like water stuff you will love that place.

Word of warning though, in the summer the sidewalks get burning hot, so invest in some water shoes or sandals.
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