What's a good to-do app for Mac & iOS that syncs with iCal/Google Calendar?
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I am using an iMac with Mountain Lion as my desktop, and an iPhone 4S with iOS6 as my cell phone. I use OSX's and iOS's native apps for email, contacts, and calendar, which are provided by Google Apps. What I need is a GTD (to do) application for the Mac, which a) has an iOS version, and b) supports syncing to iCal or Google Calendar. I currently own Omnifocus, but as of Mountain Lion, it no longer supports iCal sync. I want to be able to sync deadlines and tasks to my calendar, this really is a pretty basic feature that seems to be missing from a lot of GTD applications. Wunderlist doesn't support this. I've looked at Things, but it doesn't seem to support it either. Any recommendations?
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Best answer: Things doesn't, no. I use it a lot and the only thing I miss is the ability to set an actual reminder for a task. You can use the Apple Reminders app to create timed reminders that can be imported into Things (which removes the time alarm when you do but leaves the reminder) but not the other way around (which I think is what you mean).

Things only works on days, not hours, and doesn't put anything on your calendar for planning purposes (which is what I am assuming you want). The nearest thing I could find was to use Minco, which times your tasks and puts the result in iCal, but only after the fact to track what you spent your day on, not plan what you WILL be doing.

Things seems to work on you checking your inbox and today lists and shuffling dates accordingly. Being as the to do list has been removed from iCal, that seems to be the only way of doing it unless you create each new task in reminders (which I do) and then have that show up in Things. If you leave it in your inbox it retains the time aspect.
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I haven't used it in some time, but rememberthemilk is a decent to-do manager with web, iOS, and Mac desktop clients that can be used with GTD methodology.

It supports exporting your task list as a webcal feed, so you can subscribe to it with your Google Calendar or iCal.
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I think doit.im might do what you are looking for, but I'm not positive.
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You can consider awesome note. It has google cal sync.
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